Killer Fate Novel

Fate? Or Murphy's Law? Turning 30 is traumatic enough without a hitman on your trail.

Facing the Big Three-Oh has Destiny DeGraff pondering her choices and wondering if life has more to offer than a cheating husband, boring job and meddlesome family. But change feels a lot like effort, and Destiny isn't quite uncomfortable enough with the status quo to do anything about it.

Until she gets shot on the way to her own birthday party.

Suddenly on the run from an assassin hired by her husband, Destiny becomes a magnet for disaster when she innocently interrupts a bank heist and not-so-innocently gets involved with the two most eligible bachelors in town.

As the dead bodies pile up and it becomes clear that Destiny holds the key to unraveling a mystery that has haunted the small town of Hope Springs for over a decade, the odds of seeing another birthday seem less than promising. But never one to believe in fate, Destiny determines to get out of her rut - if only she can live long enough.

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Home Free Novel

Alexis Jordan is having a bad day. Her husband left her for the pool boy. She’s living in the hick town she thought she’d left behind forever over a decade ago. The rumor-mill is working overtime, and the entire town thinks she’s terminally ill, criminally insane and romantically involved with the contractor working on the fixer-upper she purchased in a swell neighborhood -- two doors down from the meth lab.

Oh, and her mother expects her for a family barbecue.

When a local body shop goes up in flames and a corpse is found in the charred rubble, the prime suspects are Kevin, Alex’s brother, and Danny Salazar, the love of her life and the one who got away. A graphic designer by training and busybody by nature, Alex jumps in to “help” the police solve the mystery. With the aid of a felonious stranger who just might have his own motive for murder, a smart-aleck teenager and a tireless sense of humor, she races towards a discovery that is uglier than she imagined - one that causes her to rethink her beliefs about family, loyalty…even cats.

Struggling against the wicked summer heat, unreasonable design requirements, a house that’s falling apart and guests who just won’t leave, Alex begins to wonder if she’ll ever be Home Free.

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Ghost of a Chance Novel

Evan Marconi's new roommate Dace wants her to help him solve a murder, which would be difficult enough for a woman whose skills are limited to cooking a mean hollandaise sauce and sorting library books. Throw in the fact that Dace is a ghost, and the murder he wants help solving is his own, and Evan is up to her eyeballs in trouble.

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